Hi my name is Natasha. I was friends with Gikon (Amanda) and I sadly have to inform you all that she passed away in an accident. No one could figure out the password to this page or her email until now.

Some of you have purchased her “Solo Masturbation” video which we were able to get into her paypal to sort out. Instead of sending that video I sent various videos of my self (I happen to be a cam girl).

Any previous money obtained went to her family and any future donations will go to her family as well.

I won’t go into much detail but her family has and still is going through some very rough financial times and that is why she even started doing what she was.

Anyways if you would like to help out her family and show your support donations would be highly appreciated!

You can send donations via paypal by clicking below:


I will also start posting pictures and will be selling my own videos on here sometime in the next few weeks and all those proceeds from my videos will also be going to her family. Thank you!